Coleta United Methodist Church


Circle Maker Sermon Series 4: Think Long

Whatever we pray for, keep circling around it. Keep bugging God. God will love us bugging God. It is way better than not bugging God, right? Remember that God has been knocking on our door and wants to talk with us. Start circling around our dreams and our fears will be a great, nice start to talk with God.

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The Circle Maker Sermon Series 3: Pray Hard: Persistence Quotient

But Jesus is asking his disciples to keep on knocking, keep on keeping on! Jesus wants his people to know how to pray, not just speaking some holy words, but the authentic prayer that their whole hearts are in it.

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The Circle Maker Sermon Series: Pray Big!

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The Circle Maker Sermon 1: the Legend of the Circle Maker

What if Jesus asked us this very same question: what do you want Me to do for you? Would we be able to spell out the promises, miracles, and dreams God has put in our heart?

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It is the bread that the Lord has given you to eat.

When we are experiencing the most unfair and unpredictable circumstances in our lives, God provides – in the form of a community that is behind us, praying for us, providing the holy casserole, sending cards of encouragement, and walking the journey with us. Because sometimes we are the ones who need the provision, and at those times we need to believe that in some mysterious way that only God knows, the Lord will provide. And other times we are part of God’s provision for others.

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