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Archive of: Holiday Messages


At our Bible study group, we talked about the possible dangers or difficulties that Mary and Joseph had to go through. They both were from a small rural town. We know how a small town works. Probably Joseph and Mary had to endure all the malicious gossips about themselves and their son Jesus. Probably Mary had to hear the rumors that Jesus was not Joseph’s son numerous times or they had to hear that their behavior was not religiously sacred numerous times as well. We can see their obedience to God’s demand was not easy. But they said a big yes to God and thanks for their obedience, Jesus could come to us.

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Ash Wednesday 2016: A Thousand Years of Ashes

As many of you know, my sister is now living with me until she finds a new job. I am really thankful she decided to stay with me because it might be our last time to live together if she gets a job in a different state. I will try to enjoy our togetherness as much as I can.

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