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Archive of: December, 2015

If We Miss You ...

You’ll always find what you’re looking for. Unless, of course, you’re Mary and Joseph, looking for your preteen son on your road trip home from the Passover festival in Jerusalem.

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Joy Break Through

Let me tell you about my first ever date in my life. On my first date, I went to a theater to watch movie with the boy friend. No, when we were going to theater, we were not going out yet. We were just a kind of getting to know who each was.

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Making Room for Hope

When I was a little kid, in this time of every year I was so worried and anxious about Santa Claus. I really loved him. I waited for him to come for the whole year like every day. And by the time he’d come approaching, my anxiety level went up because I was so worried and cared about him who had to go to every kid’s house in the world on one night.

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