Coleta United Methodist Church

Archive of: April, 2016

Love Power

Love is probably the most popular word in today’s world. Our world is desperately seeking love. Most songs talk about love. People desperately strive to find a true love for them. Right, our world craves love, but they can’t find fulfilling and lasting love.

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The Good Shepherd

I put a chair on my chest and say to the kids that all of us have a chair in our hearts and I ask the kids a question. “Who is supposed to sit in the chair in the middle of you heart?” Kids say God! Then I say, “Right. God is the one who sits in the chair because God is our Lord. We may have many things in our hearts because we like them, we love them. Let’s see… I love my sister. I love my puppy. I love you and I love my guitar. But the center of your heart is only for your God. Nothing else can be there.”

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Many, Yet One

Even though we speak the same language, English, we often find we use different languages because we all have different worldviews, past memories, and personal histories. So scholars say every night we have seven billion moons because all the 7 billion of the world population see one moon in their own different views and minds. One moon, but all the different understanding and perspectives.

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'My Lord, My God!'

We all have fear in many different forms. I surely have that fear of all the small creatures at the parsonage. A friend of mine has the fear of ladybug’s wings. She freaks out every time seeing a ladybug spread its wings. Even our adorable Tucker has the fear of losing his vacuum cleaners. I will never forget him crying so hard when the vaccum at the Junk & Gem table was taken away by somebody. Poor Tucker, but that was so cute.

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