Coleta United Methodist Church

Archive of: July, 2016

Rich Towards God

There was a very rich man who was just about to die and he wanted to take some of his wealth with him. So he started negotiations with God about the matter. God was not sure as it had never been done before and God did not want to set a precedence. Finally after long talks God reluctantly agreed to allow him to bring his wealth to heaven.

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Pray, Eat and Love

I have something to confess. I do Pokémon. I am not a crazy gamer. I was just curious what it was like. Thinking some of our kids must be doing the game, so I thought at least I needed to know what it is. Nope. None of our kids seem doing this. Anyway, I came to like the game.

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Who Is My Neighbor?

Have you ever felt a weird but strong feeling that God wants you to do something for God? You try to avoid or deny, but the feeling gets stronger and stronger inside you so you cannot deny that feeling anymore?

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