Coleta United Methodist Church

Archive of: September, 2016


I’ve seen many homeless people in Chicago and I have to confess the best reaction that I did was avoiding their eyes. Particularly when I have nothing to give them, it is embarrassing to contact their eyes.

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Now What?

I’ve told you many times that I am a Christian who converted from a Buddhist belief. I became Christian when I was a first year student at high school. Even before becoming a Christian, I was a pretty good student, just a normal mischievous kid. Just a kid who really liked to have some adventures and fun in her boring life.

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The Holy Spirit ... Here ... Now

We generally call Pentecost the birthday of the Church because the church was birthed with the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit didn’t come to everyone at first; the Holy Spirit came to the disciples who were gathered to pray in the upper room, the people who were prepared and waiting for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s appearing among those gathered in the upper room was a distinguishing mark of the people belonging to God.

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