Coleta United Methodist Church

Archive of: October, 2016

Extravagant Generosity

They were all kinds of people. They were Jews, some Gentiles, men, women, Levites, tax collectors, Probably the only common thing was that they love Jesus Christ and wanted to live out their faith. Knowing that all the difference, they still decided to live with the different people and accepted them as family. It is an amazing faithful declaration that Christians can do.

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I Need to Make a Call

Resistance is a normal part of our Christian lives as we seek to live out God’s will. How might we learn to lean on the power of the Holy Spirit and prayerfully seek the courage to continue God’s will in the face of never-ending resistance? In this time of resistance to the Christian teaching and indifference to others, what should we do as the body of Christ, as the church? Back to the original question, what constitutes Coleta UMC? What is the most important feature that we have to bear as Church? Please remember that the early Christians prayed first for boldness to speak the word of God and work for God.

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No Longer Afraid

As you know, I have been with you about a year. It has been a fantastic year and I hope we continue to have this fantastic togetherness for a long time. During this time, it’s always been so good to be here and I’m so grateful to be your pastor.

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