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Archive of: December, 2016


At our Bible study group, we talked about the possible dangers or difficulties that Mary and Joseph had to go through. They both were from a small rural town. We know how a small town works. Probably Joseph and Mary had to endure all the malicious gossips about themselves and their son Jesus. Probably Mary had to hear the rumors that Jesus was not Joseph’s son numerous times or they had to hear that their behavior was not religiously sacred numerous times as well. We can see their obedience to God’s demand was not easy. But they said a big yes to God and thanks for their obedience, Jesus could come to us.

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My Light and My Salvation! (Third Sunday of Advent)

In this season of Advent, the Book of Luke proclaims that he has looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant. I believe this is not only about financial lowliness. I believe whenever we feel lonely, left, unworthy, forgotten, we are God’s favorite like King David was to God. When our inner baby cries out and our inner wounds hurt us repeatedly, please remember that we are God’s favored people. I am God’s favorite. God favors the lowliest of the world. When we feel we are nothing, remember that we are God’s favorite.

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Turning Point (Second Sunday of Advent)

God prepares a heavenly feast for the lost ones and awaits them to return to God. When we play yoyo, in order to get the yoyo return to your hand, we need to pull the yoyo a little bit when the yoyo hit the bottom. Advent is time we need to pull our string for others a little bit with prayers for them. Their turning point to God would be the moment that you pull them to come to church-it doesn’t have to be this church- with your prayer and sincere care for their souls.

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