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Archive of: March, 2017

FORGIVENESS: The Dreamcoat

God gives us a divine capacity for love and forgiveness. And when we use that gift, it fills our lives with so much joy that it’s impossible to be resentful to those who do not have that same joy in their lives.”

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FORGIVENESS: Seventy Times Seven

Also one thing that is noticeable in this Scripture is that the last proscription asks us to treat him or her as a Gentile or tax collector if they refuse to resolve the issue through the steps. Some people interpret this as excommunication. But when we remember that Jesus was always a good friend of the Gentiles and tax collectors, prostitutes and the poor, it appears that Jesus was instructing his disciples and also us to treat the offender as Jesus would treat them if Jesus was with them. In other words, love them like Jesus loves them.

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FORGIVENESS: For Better, For Worse

Choose to keep track of the blessings others bring into your life. In the First Corinthians 13, Paul says, “Love keeps no records of wrongs.”

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FORGIVENESS: The Divine Answer

During Lent, we are called to reflect on God’s abundant love and unlimited grace that is described through Jesus life and death. I really hope and pray that we receive the unconditional love that is allowed for us as we walk in this journey of 40day Lent.

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