Coleta United Methodist Church

Archive of: April, 2017

Poor Thomas

We all hide with fear, we all don’t believe until we experience it. Doubt and fear are always with us. However, also we need to keep in mind that Jesus is in our midst. In the midst of our work place, in the midst of our family, in the midst of our church, in the midst of our suffering.

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I Have Seen the Lord! (Easter Sunday)

When we don’t even recognize it, Jesus will be right beside us. When we see him as a gardener, Jesus, the reason for our hope will be there to let us have real hope in our lives. When despair goes deep and there is no ray of light, Jesus will come to us just as Jesus did with Mary. Easter has come to us like that. When Mary was in complete despair, Peter and the disciple went home without hope, Jesus came to Mary and told her that the new beginning has started! The risen Christ came to Mary so quietly. The risen Christ is coming to us, just like the way he did with Mary.

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Who Is He?

Jesus is our King and Lord who make us all safe and is always with us, walking with us, always hearing us and offers each of us God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. Thanks be to God! Amen.

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We Sometimes Stink!

Our timing is not the same with God’s timing. When our failure couldn’t seem to get worse, when we think there is no way out of our situations, so we are so disheartened thinking God does not love me or God doesn’t exist, God starts new things in us, brings a good thing out of our desperation and suffering.

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