Coleta United Methodist Church

Archive of: May, 2017

Going Up?

Today is, according to the Church calendar, is Ascension Sunday, the day we commemorate Jesus going up to heaven after Jesus’ resurrection. Today we also celebrate those who served in the military service and sacrificed themselves for the better good.

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Power of Love and Life [Mother's Day]

Even though we are not connected through blood, we are family in Christ and have accountability to teach our children and each other about and let everyone know how God is good.

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Love Your Enemy

The problem is that it is still so common in the world, when we are grown up we still say “It’s mine” when someone asks to share, or “no” to someone who asks favors. The concept of Me/Mine is important for young children to learn, but it is also really important for us, -grownups, and older children -to let it go.

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